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How about a Screaming Hot Cup of…!

Something fun I’ve been working on for a design contest with Santa Cruz Skateboards.  They supplied the ’screaming mouth’ graphic, (from their iconic Screaming Hand design by legendary artist/designer, Jim Phillips,) and I supplied the rest.  So much fun to work on!  I used to draw the Screaming Hand design when I was younger and [...]

Art Attack-ack-ack-ack!!1!

I’ve just entered my painting, “Status Quo,” into the Paul Frank Art Attack Contest.  It’s a great contest with entries from all over the country vying for a full page ad spot in JUXTAPOZ magazine.  I think my piece is strong and has as much of a shot as anyone else.  Please take a second [...]

Still Painting!

Well, I’d love to just lay back and bask in the glory that is the ‘Icons: #3 through,’ show, but that would be wrong and short lived!  As of yesterday, I have sold over half of that show and I am so happy to have connected with so many people.
However, in the time since the [...]

‘Icons: #3 through,’ is a success and is still running!

First, I have to say thank you.  Thank you to everyone who helped and supported me as I was working through this project and the lead up time before the installation - my wife and parents, especially.  Thank you to all of you who showed and kept up interest in this idea.  Thank you to [...]

An ‘Ode to Roman Gods’

My latest work is a sort of interactive piece.  The four identically sized panels are made to read in the order that they are presented here.  I intentionally used Latin phrases and kept them in their native form for a few reasons.  When translated, the stately Latin language reveals some humor that the viewer is [...]