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Grab-n-Go go go go go!

My new group show is going to be great!  So Many awesome artists bringing all styles to O-Town!  I’m working on some mixed media pieces on paper - should be something different and exciting … (I may even bring out a large painting and let it go at the $100 or less price.)   I’ll [...]

Mimicry of Life, or Improbable Paintings of Birds on Geologic Phenomena

It occurs to me that I haven’t yet posted this painting that I finished some time before going on last month’s trip to L.A.  This painting came about in a rather unusual way - unusual for me, anyway.  As I was perusing (read: wasting time on) Facebook, I came across a post from a gallerist/owner [...]

The Creature lives….!!!1!

I am furiously finishing up my contribution to my upcoming group show in California - HORRORWOOD!  Just in time for Halloween, a horror movie themed show approaches Culver City.  Doom is in the air!

My contribution will be a diptych about the gill-man known as the Creature from the Black Lagoon.  My Creature will inhabit two [...]

New painting just finished - “Space Magic”

I’m fascinated with layers.  This round canvas offered me a challenge in producing balance and depth.  I also got a chance to explore some collage.  I was inspired when my young daughter asked me about stars.  She wanted to know why they sparkled and whether or not they are close to us.  After explaining (the [...]

Now showing Sundays at the Orlando Farmers Market, at Lake Eola

So, I’ve decided to take the Icons out again - this time to the Orlando Farmers Market at Lake Eola, in downtown Orlando.  You can find me there on Sundays from 10am-4pm.  I will have the Icons, (you can see my some of my selection on the gallery page,) and some other special pieces.  The [...]

How about a Screaming Hot Cup of…!

Something fun I’ve been working on for a design contest with Santa Cruz Skateboards.  They supplied the ’screaming mouth’ graphic, (from their iconic Screaming Hand design by legendary artist/designer, Jim Phillips,) and I supplied the rest.  So much fun to work on!  I used to draw the Screaming Hand design when I was younger and [...]

I’m going to L.A. - The Devil Made Me Do It….

I have been invited to show two pieces in the upcoming WWA gallery group show: The Devil Made Me Do It.  WWA gallery is located in Culver City, CA , in the Los Angeles metro area.
I am extremely excited about the show and will be showing some very personal pieces: ‘Fur EIAE,’ and ‘I Am [...]

Installation ‘Icons: #3 through’ opening Oct. 15th

Each piece is painted on metallic leaf over wood panel.  The images are singular ‘iconic’ images meant to transcend their individuality and singularity by recalling archetypal meanings.  By relating to the viewers’ personal and collective meanings ascribed to these universal images, the paintings can serve as a sort of translator that overcomes the boundaries set [...]

An ‘Ode to Roman Gods’

My latest work is a sort of interactive piece.  The four identically sized panels are made to read in the order that they are presented here.  I intentionally used Latin phrases and kept them in their native form for a few reasons.  When translated, the stately Latin language reveals some humor that the viewer is [...]

3rd installment of the Elements series

This is the third painting in the Five Elements series that I have been working on.  The previous two are: ‘Fire,’ and ‘Water.’  This one, ‘Land,’ is painted on (6) separate canvases.  In its way, the canvases plus the viewer are representative of land masses - continents, if you will.  This is intentionally devised to [...]