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Grab-n-Go go go go go!

My new group show is going to be great!  So Many awesome artists bringing all styles to O-Town!  I’m working on some mixed media pieces on paper - should be something different and exciting … (I may even bring out a large painting and let it go at the $100 or less price.)   I’ll [...]

Mimicry of Life, or Improbable Paintings of Birds on Geologic Phenomena

It occurs to me that I haven’t yet posted this painting that I finished some time before going on last month’s trip to L.A.  This painting came about in a rather unusual way - unusual for me, anyway.  As I was perusing (read: wasting time on) Facebook, I came across a post from a gallerist/owner [...]

HORRORWOOD is so on. Totally.

I’ve just sent off my newest painting/s – a diptych called, “The World in Mirror.”  It’ll be shown to the public for the first time at the upcoming group show, “Horrorwood,” at Culver City’s awesome contemporary art spot, WWA gallery.  It’ll be my second showing in California, having shown at WWA earlier this year.  The [...]

Congratulations to CMS, my 1st patron

Last year, I was approached by CMS President, Al Osterhout, with a project for a large boardroom painting.  We talked about a theme and a size and I was off to the races!  After visiting the site upon which the painting is based, I came up with two proposal designs.  Upon the acceptance of my [...]


I am glad you’ve found your way here; I’ve been waiting for you.
We’ve got some catching up to do because there are a lot of things going on at the studio.  I am finishing a new mini-series.  I have a gift and story for the fire department.  There are shows coming up.  A collectible series [...]