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Grab-n-Go go go go go!

My new group show is going to be great!  So Many awesome artists bringing all styles to O-Town!  I’m working on some mixed media pieces on paper - should be something different and exciting … (I may even bring out a large painting and let it go at the $100 or less price.)   I’ll [...]

The Creature lives….!!!1!

I am furiously finishing up my contribution to my upcoming group show in California - HORRORWOOD!  Just in time for Halloween, a horror movie themed show approaches Culver City.  Doom is in the air!

My contribution will be a diptych about the gill-man known as the Creature from the Black Lagoon.  My Creature will inhabit two [...]

New painting just finished - “Space Magic”

I’m fascinated with layers.  This round canvas offered me a challenge in producing balance and depth.  I also got a chance to explore some collage.  I was inspired when my young daughter asked me about stars.  She wanted to know why they sparkled and whether or not they are close to us.  After explaining (the [...]

Peter Steele, 1962 - 2010

Peter Steele, the lead singer of one of my favorite bands, Type O Negative, died last week from heart failure.  I never met him, (although I have met the other members on some other memorable occasions,) but I am saddened by his passing.  He was an imposing man; a behemoth on stage.  I’ve seen him [...]

Festival Season!

Well, I’ve been working really hard lately to make my newly acquired festival booth ready for work.  I’ve decided to jump into the festival scene.  It makes sense, really… because I live in Florida: I already have a pretty serious ‘farmer’s tan!’  I consider that a big advantage over the other festival-going artists from ‘pasty [...]

Back from the RO

Just returned from 2 weeks in Romania.  Stayed in an area that I used to live in with my wife and child and extended family around.  The trip was great and I saw so many inspiring things.  I had high hopes of completing 3 paintings while there, but I opted for quality over quantity and [...]

Word is getting out…

Looks like somebody is watching… maybe even a few somebodies!

Fire Rescue workers deserve more than I can offer…

It was at least 13 years ago -  maybe even 14 at this point - that I was chosen to design and illustrate a new crest/logo for the St. Cloud Fire Rescue Department.  I was nearing the end of my years at St. Cloud High School and was more than pleased to be given the [...]

Who likes takeout?

I’m working on an order for takeout… so to speak.  Like all takeout, it’s a rush job with a tasty little treat in mind.  We’ll see how it goes down. That was last week and the project and finished now.  The piece is for the TAKE OUT show at the Brevard Art Museum, in Melbourne, [...]

Congratulations to CMS, my 1st patron

Last year, I was approached by CMS President, Al Osterhout, with a project for a large boardroom painting.  We talked about a theme and a size and I was off to the races!  After visiting the site upon which the painting is based, I came up with two proposal designs.  Upon the acceptance of my [...]