Mimicry of Life, or Improbable Paintings of Birds on Geologic Phenomena

It occurs to me that I haven’t yet posted this painting that I finished some time before going on last month’s trip to L.A.  This painting came about in a rather unusual way - unusual for me, anyway.  As I was perusing (read: wasting time on) Facebook, I came across a post from a gallerist/owner of one of my favorite art galleries.  In the post, he basically threw out to the wind his desire for a painting of a parakeet on a crystal.  Now, I’m not going to wax on about the state of the economy, but suffice it say that it was a tasty little thing to see, all things considered.  I thought about it for about a second and decided to attempt to impress this gallerist and possibly make a sale in the process.  Perhaps it was a smart, even savvy way to go about getting attention of those from whom I need it most.  But it was probably more of a long-shot type of thing.  (I won’t use the word desperation, because that tastes funny on my lips.)  Anyway, I decided to do it and I jumped in head first with a few sketches finished that same night.  I posted back to the gallerist on FB that he should expect something from me ‘ASAP.’  All right!  I’m in!  …naive, yes, I know.  I knew it then, too.  But I made a play and stuck to it.  The next day, I went out to a pet store and took my own photographs of parakeets as the ones I was finding on the web just didn’t suit my vision.  In the mean time, little did I know, the gallerist made a deal with another artist to do the painting.  I decided quickly that I wasn’t going to lose the opportunity to create a talking point with this gallery owner - commission or no.  So, I jumped out of my abstract comfort zone and found my love of birds again.  Birds as subject matter is not new for me, but this felt new and good.  Now, I know that many artists will only talk about their passions and following only the North Star of pure inspiration, but this came from a slightly different place.  This was short worded, ‘want,’ on a social networking site.  Nothing more.  I did not conceive this vision, but I felt comfortable that in the end I had made it my own.  And as a ’show-off’ piece, made to shout out my name, as it were, I gave it no less attention or scrutiny or passion and energy than any other of my paintings.  I am pleased with it.  While I did not get a commission, I did open a door.  That’s why I called it, ‘Mimicry of Life,’ because that’s how life works out sometimes.

Please take a second to click through the pics, (click each one, they get bigger.)

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