“Looking good, Billy Ray!” “Feeling good, Louis!”

After my much beleaguered attempt at printing earlier this week, I decided to get myself a press.  Being the way I am, (that’s read:  an impetuous pain in the ass,) I had to have one immediately.  No catalog ordering, no traveling a ba-jillion miles to go get it…. no, no, I had to have it right away.  So, I call all over and quickly realize, that I can’t have it right away.  So there.  (arrgghh!!1!)  Feeling a little frustrated and antsy about the whole project, I made a few final phone calls.  The last call (isn’t it always the last one…) produced results!  A local printer has a full-size professional style press waiting around for the end-of-days in his back room, and I can have it!  So psyched now- it’s like a total mood reversal; a mainline double espresso to the soul!  Apparently the thing is huge and weighs a ton, because the guy told me to bring a truck and a low trailer to take it away!  I was a little speechless when he told me that; then he casually mentioned that it is solid cast iron.  o_O!  It’s in pieces, but worked up ’til the day they took it apart for storage.  So, I’m getting ready to go see it and figure a way to start getting it home…

Speaking of home: now, I have to redesign my garage into a functioning workshop and not just a stencil and materials and general junk catch-all!  I’ve started redesigning the space and will be putting up shelves and racks and bringing back to life my old drafting desk/worktop.  I’ll have a space for the wood-working tools (table saw, routers and sanders etc), a place for casting with racks for drying, a place for the printing press, and a place for large paintings!

Now, I’m doing all of this in the midst of going after one of the most intricate and elaborate projects I’ve ever thought of… stupid or driven, I haven’t decided yet.  The long-term benefits are obvious: I live so far away from things that having all the resources I could need in my projects at my fingertips is great.  It frees me up to do what I want.  And, I’m gunning for short-term benefits, too:  Starting in mid-July, I will be taking part in the Sunday Art Bazaars at new Orlando gallery, Neon Forest.  I’ll be bringing out my ‘Icons’ paintings (the ones on the gallery page and some new ones…!) and will be trying out some of my print ideas, too (….printing press, anyone…?)

So, watch out for the details of the Art Bazaar and for my my further escapades in garage architecture and design.

He was wearing my Harvard tie. Can you believe it? My Harvard tie. Like oh, sure he went to Harvard.

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