"I believe all art comes from both inside the human soul and from outside forces acting upon the collective human existence. Having seen so much and yet knowing that there is so vastly much more out there, I am often overwhelmed by the enormity of our human experience. If I can show a few vital and distilled parts of that, I feel I've had a great success."

"I guess it's all really about understanding the world and the way that I fit in to it. I hope and believe that my journeys will help others to understand the world around them. It is a way of connecting to people and ideas and places; a way of evoking a feeling, of mountains' dizzying heights, dusty books, strange places and unusual things. I do not have the need to create a new language to describe new experiences; I think it better to use the shared collective language that has served us for so very long. Even when you go there, to that new place or experience, it's the things that you take with you - the things that you have always had with you - that help you describe and understand it."

- Jason Cullison